On Route to Pelican Crossing

"May I say how stunning you look today Ellie the Mouse" remarked Jorge...

Tap, tap, tap, Pomplemousse knocked on Ellie the Mouses’ office door. “Hello, are you there Ellie? I’ve brought the Munchkin for tea before we leave back to England”. There was no response so Pomplemousse and Munchkin took a seat in the waiting room. Munchkin began asking Pomplemousse all types of questions about Ellie the mouse, he was by no means prying, simply curious as the Munchkin was such an animated little character. Soon they heard an extremely large bang and the door swung open and out strolled a tall, hairy, stoat with glasses – he seemed to have a Mexican accent.(Pomplemousse knew all about accents as she longed to travel and Mexico was definitely on her list of places to investigate, she was even learning Spanish to be able to communicate with the locals when she arrived – she prided herself on making the effort, and never understood why creatures would travel around the globe shallow minded enough not to attempt to learn new languages. Even tigers and lions try to get along when meeting in animal parks as everyone knows tigers only speak Indian and Chinese and don’t normally socialise with lions!)

“Err hola, you must be Pomplemousse, Ellie has told me so much about you” pronounced the Mexican, “I am Jorge”.

A little shy Pomplemousse replied “Oh good day Jorge, I speak a little spanish, como estas?”

“Muy bien, gracias” responded Jorge immediately aware that Pomplemousse did indeed speak his mother tongue. He noted to himself he’d now no longer be able to tell all his friends how gorgeous he found Ellie the mouse if she were ever around so rather hastily he ran out the door.

“I’m awfully sorry about that Pomplemousse, Jorge was here for a business meeting. He is quite an accomplished rock climber and I am writing an article on him for the magazine”.

“Not a problem at all” responded Pomplemousse, “he seemed like a lovely chap. Let me introduce Munchkin”. Munchkin happily walked up to Ellie and gave her a peck on the cheek wise to the fact that Pomplemousse had explained the story of how they met only yesterday. Pomplemousse continued to explain to Ellie the plan to take Munchkin back to England as he had no where else to go and immediately invited Ellie to come and stay. Saying their goodbyes both Pomplemousse and Munchkin strolled out the door.

On the way to pelican crossing, Munchkin and Pomplemousse stopped for macaroons and juice at her favourite restaurant Laduree. Munchkin had never tasted anything so delicious and he was as happy as happy could be.

Soon they arrived at Pelican Crossing and it occurred to Munchkin how lucky he was to have a friend like Pomplemousse. He didn’t know what he would have done had it have been a Tom cat who had moved into his home, in what he now knew to be a hotel in Paris! The Tom cat would probably have eaten him up, it scared him to even think about it! Munchkin was so looking forward to the ride over to England, he had never been on a Pelican before so was a little nervous but he knew he had no reason to be as he was with Pomplemousse and he knew she’d look after him. It was to be a new start for him, a new exploit and story he would cherish for ever.


About thepomplemousse

I am a children's/adult story book writer. My stories entertain parent's in addition to children as most of my stories have duel meaning therefore can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. Read my stories and let me know what you think - I'm always open to comments. I grew up in the UK and am now travelling the world writing my tales. My experiences travelling are reflected in my writing and most stories are based upon things which happen to me whilst travelling, all the characters are based upon real people who I meet around the world.
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