Petra the Airbus Pelican

It was still morning when Pomplemousse and Munchkin arrived at the pelican crossing, there were so many birds taking flight back to England the crossing was terribly hectic. Pomplemousse got such a thrill from travelling, meeting new people and some day soon she knew she would go and travel the world. There was so much out there that people knew so little about, she couldn’t wait to go to Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Finland and that was just Europe there was Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and the whole of South America… the list was endless! She was however a little apprehensive to find out how Munchkin coped, she was aware of how crazy travelling could be and understood that not all creatures enjoyed it, not to worry she thought – she had lots of friends at home if Munchkin was happy there perhaps he could stay and look after them all, they’d still be friends and Pomplemousse could write home to let Munchkin know all the adventures she had been on and who she had met!

Every creature was chipped with a little tiny piece of metal when they were born or hatched, this told the authorities at crossings who the creature was and where they originated from but also meant that the creature could move from one country to another if they so wished which made travelling easier and much safer. There were an army of pigs who controlled the travelling at pelican crossings, they could be a little daunting and were always remarkably grumpy so Pomplemousse tried to get all the official checks out of the way as fast as possible.

Munchkin followed Pomplemousse all around the crossing and never let her out of his sight once, luckily Pomplemousse knew exactly where she was going and who they were travelling with so as soon as she saw Petra the airbus pelican she skipped over and gave her a huge hug, Munchkin was close behind. “G’day guys, how are we doing today? You off back to England Pomplemousse?” Petra originated from Australia and had been doing crossings for years, she was the safest most amazing bird to travel with and Pomplemousse always felt so comfortable. “Most certainly am and please let me introduce my friend Munchkin, he will be joining us today on our flight” replied Pomplemousse. “Delighted to meet you” responded Petra. Born in Australia Petra had a slight twang to her accent, but had lost a lot of her dialect as she had lived in Europe for so long. She didn’t like to admit it, but she was losing even that slight Australian twang now-a-days too!

As soon as they were belted in, Petra gave a little squeek, flapped her wings and Munchkin and Pomplemousse were thrust up into the air on her back. It was a short journey back to England and was only to take an hour and a half but the view from Petra was really quite amazing. Pomplemousse looked down at the vast open space beneath them looking into the water below to see if she could spot any fish. Funny she thought, there is so many fish down there it is a completely different world. She had heard of people diving down to the depths of the seas in search of finding new fish, turtles, and sharks and wondered if one day she might be lucky enough to give it a try.

The little bear glanced over at Munchkin who was holding on so tight, he looked immensely scared and looked like he may be ill! “Are you ok pet?” asked Pomplemousse “ummm no, I’m extremely scared, how are we staying in the air? Are we not too heavy for Petra to stay up? What if she runs out of energy? Are we going to die?” Munchkin was now shaking and immediately Pomplemousse knew that he would be no good as a travelling companion “it’s all ok, don’t worry” she tried to reassure him, “Petra is the very best flyer, you see her lungs are much larger than ours – birds have been flying for millions of years it is perfectly natural to them. It’s alright, we’re over the scariest part; the take off – Petra will now just glide until it’s time to land. Relax, try not to think about it Munchkin.” Munchkin eased up slightly and began to take in the boundless space below them, there was such a beauty in being in the air he thought but knew instantly he was never going to be such an experienced traveller as Pomplemousse. He was rather hoping that this would be the last time he’d have to go through what he felt was such a traumatic event.

Before long they were flying over forests, fields and rivers and somewhat disappointedly Pomplemousse looked down to realise they were nearly home. She held Munchkin’s hand and told him it was nearly over, as soon as the words came out of her mouth Munchkin’s face lit up with excitement.

With a quick jault, Petra had set down on the landing path next to Pomplemousse’s house. She lived in the north of England in the middle of the forest, with it being Autumn it looked simply devine at this time of the year all the leaves had turned a golden orangish colour preparing to drop from the branches. Petra had been there many times before as she and Pomplemousse had known each other for many years.

Jolly good” sparked Pomplemousse “once again, thank you so much Petra won’t you come in for some tea, juice or a spot of lunch? You must be exceedingly tired!”

No, no, must get on, work to be done around these parts. Are you yourself off again at any point soon Pomplemousse?”

More than likely I’d have thought Petra, you know I’m dying to travel the world and I was hoping you might just be the bird to take me!”

Absolutely Pomplemousse, I’d be delighted. Let me know what your plans are and when you arrange to go and I’ll give you a lift not a problem at all” and with that she galloped off down the track into the air.


About thepomplemousse

I am a children's/adult story book writer. My stories entertain parent's in addition to children as most of my stories have duel meaning therefore can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. Read my stories and let me know what you think - I'm always open to comments. I grew up in the UK and am now travelling the world writing my tales. My experiences travelling are reflected in my writing and most stories are based upon things which happen to me whilst travelling, all the characters are based upon real people who I meet around the world.
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  1. You have an active imagination. You temper it very well. Keep writing, it’s well done.

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